Potato-Powered Craic Pub Rock

Have rowdy fun with Rowdy O'Reilly. We play all the top Irish drinking songs, and more! If you don't know our songs, that's ok - we don't either!

All kidding aside, we'll make sure you'll be able to catch on and participate before the end of each song. That's what Rowdy O'Reilly is all about.

Everyone is a part of the Rowdy O'Reilly party!

The Rowdy O'Reilly Band now has a CD of original Irish/pirate songs including Rowdy O'Reilly, Whiskey-Rum- Loose Women, Me Old Fiddle, Ungrateful Lad, If Not For Ireland, Stand Fast and Ready, Tiny Ship, This Ol' Pirate, Crack Jenny Tea Cup, The English Cook, Red Shirt/Brown Pants, Captain Jack, and a few more!

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